About Cambridge Benefit Solutions

Best in Class Solutions — One of the Top Insurance Brokerage Firms

Get comprehensive advice and solutions from some of the country’s well-established insurance and investment firms with Cambridge Benefit Solutions. Our company has ranked at the top over the years, making us one of the largest general insurance agencies in the U.S. With a strong reputation and industry knowledge, trust our company to provide the right solutions for your benefit plan.

We work with Black, Gould & Associates (BGA) to provide great benefits for all clients. BGA is one of the country’s health insurance industry experts, as they can generate annual premium amounting to $340 million with over 8000 business clients. Working with them gives us an advantage in negotiating the best terms and coverage possible.

What we can promise is hard work. Cambridge Benefit Solutions has a strong commitment to serving our clients. We provide customized service and strategic planning to address every client’s needs. We take time devising the most suitable approach for every unique situation. Call us today and learn more about our services.

Why Choose Cambridge Benefit Solutions for Business or Individual Insurance Needs?
Our company offers coverage and exceptional services in nearly every state! Click here to see our U.S. Business Map.


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