Control Rising Costs. Increase Productivity and Morale.

Your Workplace Wellness Partner

Our agency can deliver resources that you need to effectively create a healthy and happy employee culture. Our tools will help you create and administer a wellness program at your organization with minimal investment of time and money.

Stay Virtually Connected

We deliver documents on command, all from the convenience of your unique Web-based client portal.  These tools allow you to access and share valuable resources, including employee newsletters, wellness information and awareness postings.

Our Tools for Your Success

Our agency can help you create a wellness program that will help you control rising healthcare costs, increase employee productivity and increase employee morale.

Customized to fit your needs

Whether it’s a simple monthly wellness newsletter or a comprehensive plan, we’ll help you develop a program that fits your needs.

Data Analysis

We have tools to help you gather claims data, conduct a needs-and-interest survey, and audit your current wellness culture, all to help pinpoint your employee group health needs.

The Seven Cs

Whether it’s a simple wellness newsletter or a comprehensive plan, we will help you develop a wellness program that suits your needs and guides you through your efforts. Our article will advise you on how to:

  • Capture senior-level support
  • Create a wellness team
  • Collect data
  • Craft an operating plan
  • Choose health initiatives
  • Create supportive environment
  • Consistently evaluate outcomes

Custom Communication to Your Employees

Speak to your employees through educational materials that meet your wellness needs. We have documents that will help them understand their health issues and make wise decisions to benefit their lives now and in the future. These include posters, payroll stuffers, communications flyers and e-mails.