Strategize and Save

BEST IN CLASS – Strategizing through programs that save

Effective Needs Based Planning SAVE Companies 10-32% per year
Up to $1,072 PEPY (per employee per year)

We specialize in innovative plan designs with a practical approach to benefits we pride ourselves in our awareness and capabilities concerning the latest cutting edge products and services, all of which clearly set us apart from our competitors, we believe by developing an all encompassing approach to benefits through a proven strategy applied over 3 to 5 years; we can help you negate the yearly frustration with the annual search for common band-aid solutions. This approach is about positioning and enabling your company and employees to sustain the ever-changing market if healthcare.

Bottom line, we will innovatively seek solutions that save both money and valuable resource time. Some prominent, proven benefit strategies are:

  • Consumer Driven High Deductible Health Plans
  • HRA’S – Health Care Reimbursement Accounts
  • Purchasing Groups – Single Digit Rate Changes
    • Contractors, Charter Schools, Non-Profit, Hospitality, Technology, others…
  • Level Funded Plans with Premium Dividend returns

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